Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guatemalan Action Page.

Guatemalan Action Page.

Welcome to members and supporters, the CPA is currently encouraging all to become involved in the situation in Guatemala as that country approaches its general election on Sept 11, 2011. The party is presently sending the URNG rep in Australia Ovidio Orelana around the country. Check the dates for your state.

Teach yourself some background on Guatemala

View these you tubes

This first documentary is important because Otto Perez Molina candidacy has the support of the army, the US and drug dealers to be the next president.

Follow this link:

These others are optional

Watch part one first and then part five as the narration is in English language. Parts 2, 3, & 4 are in Spanish with some occasional English.

Here the link to part one:

Here the link to part five:

Or read this material regarding allegations against the front runner in the presidential elections.

Click here

Action letters

Sign these letters and get them off asap to their targets

Instructions and addresses for the Guatemalan Letters

Please send the Presidential letter (in Spanish or English) to the President of Guatemala and a copy of the same letter to Guatemalan Ombudsman.


Send the letter the Australian Government’s Acting Foreign Minister.


Denis Doherty ( ring me on 0418 290 663 if you have queries or requests)

Letter to the President in English and Spanish – click here

Address click here or email click here

Send the same letter to the Ombudsman address here - click here

Letter to the acting Foreign Minister Craig Emerson. – click here

Address for Acting Foreign Minister Craig Emerson - click here

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