Friday, May 14, 2010

Iran executions statement cpa

To: Iranian Ambassador
Embassy of Iran in Canberra, Australia

Dear Sir,
The Communist Party of Australia condemns in the strongest possible terms the recent execution of five political prisoners, including teacher and trade unionist Farzad Kamangar, at the Evin prison in Teheran. The other victims of this crime were Ms Shirin Alam Hooli, Farhad Vakili, Ali Heydarian and Mehdi Eslamian.
A number of these prisoners had been held for years in prison and subjected to abuse including torture. They were never given their right to an open and fair trial.
We note that this outrage occurred near the first anniversary of the elections in which Ahmadinejad was installed as president amid widespread electoral fraud.
This was an undemocratic process that thwarted the will of the people, unleashed another wave of oppression against the political opposition, and generated an atmosphere of intimidation and fear.
We join those calling for an end to all executions of political prisoners and for the release of all political prisoners in Iran.
In no way do we support the enemies and would-be plunderers of Iran, but we wholeheartedly support the progressive forces in the country campaigning for human rights and peace and for a truly democratic future and peace for its people.

Yours Sincerely

Hannah Middleton
General Secretary
Communist Party of Australia

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