Thursday, May 6, 2010

Clive Palmer reckons Rudd is worse than Communists

Tuesday, May 04, 2010
Communists agree with Clive Palmer
Clive Palmer Queensland’s richest man has accused the Rudd government of being worse than the communists over their super profits tax. The Communist Party of Australia organiser has responded by agreeing with Mr. Palmer.
“We agree that the Rudd ALP Government is worse than any Communist Government. This is the Government that attacks construction workers and is threatening to jail them. This is the Government that is threatening teachers with huge fines if they do not obey its dictatorial commands about NAPLAN.
“Mr. Palmer’s is right when he says that the treasurer’s job is to grow the economy and create job. The Communist Party of Australia campaigns for is for a good economy for all and jobs for all.
“Mr. Palmer is also right when he says that the Government’s proposed new tax, aimed at putting forward significantly more of profits being won from high commodity prices into public coffers was policy tried by communists. It is not the policy of the Rudd Labor Government.
“It makes good sense that this money should go to the people as what the Government is taxing is the combined resources of the country. Why should anyone complain about that, unless they were pocketing millions for their own benefit? Communist Government would see that there is a fair share for all in the country from a boom not just for a select few who are called mining magnates.
“Instead the Federal Labor Government plans to put the profits into continuing the wars started by the US and into expensive war planes such as the ground attack aircraft costing a cool $3.4 billion. Mr. Palmer has proved his point the Rudd Government is worse than a communist government.
“However, Mr. Palmer would not be allowed to pocket the millions made out of the resources boom instead he would be have to take a more modest share of the income than he does now. A future Government of a Socialist Australia would not allowed magnates, and CEOs to make millions at the expense of the general good of society.

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