Monday, August 18, 2014

Palestine Speech delivered on the steps of Town Hall Aug 3

Palestine Speech
Thanks everyone for being here.
You can’t use missiles, naval bombardments, artillery rounds and warplane strafing against crowded cities without killing and maiming innocent civilians.  We all know that but the Governments of Israel, the US and Australia say they can – we know they are hypocrites and liars!  Just look at the death, the injured and the massive destruction of Gaza caused by the war so far.  Israel is the rogue state.

70 years ago the US dropped two atomic bombs on crowded cities in Japan named Hiroshima and Nagasaki instantly vaporizing 140,000 people.  Israel has over 300 of those very same bombs.  We work year in and year out to get those bombs made illegal for every country.  Israel has the strongest military and armaments in the Middle East and is no in way threatened militarily by any Palestinians. 

Israel is grinding the Palestinians into the dirt with their blockades, walls, vindictive laws, and outright murder.  Of course there will be resistance and when it happens Israel calls on the world for sympathy for themselves but we say they have no right to complain!
Artilleries, missiles, warships, warplanes are all part of the hardware of war, of the military – we work to reduce this military spending.  We work to get our country to cut its use of Israeli weapons, to stop Australia’s use of Israeli military cooperation.

We work to reduce Australia’s military expenditure but the Abbott Government is going to increase its spending on the military by 40% but it will cut education and welfare funding.

The US is a never wavering supporter of the Israeli crimes against humanity.  Israel would never survive without the economic and political support of the US.  The US has just sent more ammunition to Israel so much for their humanitarian concern for the people of Gaza.

The US wants to secure its economic control of the Middle East region and its oil.  That is why Israel gets total US support and encouragement.

The US has over 50 bases in this country and some of these bases are feeding information to the Israelis as we speak.  Assisting them with their war making. 
We must fight to have those bases removed from Australian soil.

You are all aware of the vast web of support Israel enjoys in this country from the Government whether it is labor or liberal, from the Media particularly the Murdoch press.  Resolve never to buy the Tele!  Big business has its Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce which has as it second biggest sponsor OPTUS.  I have picked up some leaflets around here suggesting how you can make an impact on Optus.  It has stores near you.  People are not supposed to use the word boycott but you know what to do.  If you don’t check out this leaflet. Optus has a new key person advertising their products Josh Thomas.  Get on social media and make some demands on him. 
We can work for Palestine each day with simple but effective strategies.  Israel is losing much support, it is up to us make it lose more support. 
Let’s wage a campaign against the Israeli military using this country.
Let’s wage a campaign to stop US aggression by removing their bases from Australia.
Let’s wage a campaign against Israeli lobby in this country by facing up to Optus.
Let’s go to our local shopping centres and spread the word about Optus.
Let’s wage a campaign on social media against celebrities who support either unknowingly or knowingly Israel.

Keep fighting back!


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